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Soul Ascension and the Rebirth of the Authentic Self

Soul Ascension and the Rebirth of the Authentic Self

In early 2010, I experienced what medical researchers now define as a near-death experience (NDE). A profound journey of crossing over into the afterlife due to a prolonged cardiac arrest.

The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, headed by Dr. Jeffrey Long, defines the NDE as, "A lucid experience associated with perceived consciousness apart from the body occurring at the time of actual or threatened imminent death."

I died minutes after arriving at our local hospital. Within a split second, my life and the lives of those around me would never be the same.

After receiving a life-saving heart transplant several years later, I began sharing some of the most vulnerable aspects of my journey through death and rebirth.

The 3 Core Phases of Soul Ascension

Soul ascension is essentially the remembrance of your soul's true origins and innate human potential. It is the process of awakening to your galactic heritage and the truth of who you are, why you are here and your purpose for ascending through the cosmic realms.

An important aspect to understand about soul ascension is that you do not need to die physically to experience the profound spiritual impact of the near-death experience. However, you must be willing to die to your old self to birth the most aligned, authentic version of you.

What eventually became my internationally-renowned near-death experience story of healing and mind-bending awe for millions of people was a profound internal journey through 3 core phases of the spiritual ascension process.

Here are the ascension phases and how they guide you through various layers of soul evolution and the rebirth of your authentic self.

Phase One, Awakening

The initiation phase into deeper levels of soul growth, cosmic evolution and ascension.

Throughout the awakening phase, you become aware of new layers of truth about your existence within the multidimensional realms. You learn that you are so much more than your physical body.

You begin questioning the world around you, diving deeper into biblical, esoteric and metaphysical teachings, wondering if there is more to the story of human civilization than told.

You start to recognize that love, or a lack thereof, is the force that binds all frequencies across the cosmos.

These initiations can occur, at any time, throughout your human journey and are always opportunities to explore higher levels of consciousness regarding your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

There are those who believe that spiritual initiations of awakening can be gentle, however, my experience of awakening has always caught me off-guard and sent me on a tailspin of uncertainty deep within the unknown. Hopefully, the more the soul evolves throughout various lifetimes, the less harsh the initiations become!

My personal experience within the awakening phase.

My near-death experience was a sacred initiation, in this lifetime, into the remembrance of our multidimensional world beyond the physical. The experience jolted my system awake and deepened my understanding of the cosmic realms beyond anything I had ever read in a book.

I experienced the other worlds with my body and all of my senses. I could see and communicate with other beings. I witnessed the truth beyond the hidden veil of our conditioned, conscious programming.

From this space of awareness and child-like wonder, I began the innocent (and, at times, naïve), creative exploration to expand my wildest vision to unify humanity through the frequency of my soul.

Phase Two, Empowerment

The exploration phase of creative curiosity, quantum energetics, and time travel.

The empowerment phase of ascension requires bravery, a level of authenticity that confidence does not necessarily hold. You harness a deeper level of soul resonance than you have ever accessed. Those who have experienced various levels of awakening often avoid the empowerment phase.

It is much easier to reside within the mental realms of awareness by reading or educating yourself on methods of awakening rather than actively ascend through the more challenging phases of integration and action.

Allowing your soul to ascend and master these experiences is the ultimate human adventure and what you are here to transmute through your physical body.

Here, in the second phase of soul ascension, you learn how to be brave and harness the energetic frequency of your innate human intelligence through your body. You dare to set your soul free to experience and create the physical world!

My personal experience within the empowerment phase.

After my near-death experience, I had a powerful choice to make. I was either going to remain in the mental realm, basking in memories of my adventurous travels through the afterlife, or begin making choices in my life that could free my soul to create beyond my physical and circumstantial limitations.

I willingly chose the latter and began harnessing what I learned about vibration, frequency, and bending realities that near-fatal day crossing over into the afterlife. I dared to create a world of possibilities for my life and the lives of others, despite my physical disabilities from life-saving trauma.

I faced my fears of being visible in the world to transmute these lower vibrational energies into a higher frequency of love that captured the purest essence of my heart. I honed in on my unique soul blueprint to create resonance and mastery around vocal storytelling while collapsing space and time to make the impossible, possible.

As a result, endless opportunities began to show up. My creative curiosity, bravery, and adventurous wonder allowed me the ability to touch and impact the hearts of millions of lives around the planet.

Phase Three, Embodiment

The integration phase upgrading the central nervous system and aligned cosmic body.

Here, in the third phase of ascension, your inner world becomes your main point of focus as you release all forms of distractions and attachments to the material world and enter into a deep sense of trust in the sacredness and divinity of life.

The embodiment phase is where you reclaim your power and devote the rest of your life to your dharma, or soul's life path. You call back the fragmented parts of your soul for deep healing and integration and learn to lead from your inner world.

Support will come from the ancestors, galactic guides, and those who have walked the sacred path before you. However, no one can do the deep, cellular healing process of integration for you. You must overcome the inner trials and wounds of your past in order to lead yourself back home.

My personal experience within the embodiment phase.

Shortly after appearing on several major news, media, and film outlets, I was divinely guided back into my inner world to rest my body and prepare for the integration of my soul experiences across all timelines, past, present, and future. I was being initiated onto the sacred path of becoming the mother I always dreamed of and the wise elder I never knew I was strong enough to be.

At first, this sudden thrust back into the Underworld created great turbulence within my body. Between immense agitation, loneliness, and bouts of depression, I couldn’t understand why I was back in such a dark and damp space of stillness and inaction. I felt stuck and trapped. After all, my adventurous travels out in the world were cut short and there was so much more to explore!

Every attempt to resist where I was being led, left me overwhelmed, exhausted, and depleted. My body was calling me home into stillness and presence, and no amount of kicking and screaming could avoid the inevitable.

And so, I remembered some of my learnings from my near-death experience and surrendered to the path of sacred listening. Refining my daily practice of presence, attunement, and integrating a higher level of consciousness.

I could feel my entire body transforming into the innate, galactic operating system that could house more light, information, and higher frequencies. The more the energies of the external world intensified into chaotic madness, the more I began to understand the next level of my cosmic assignment. I was deepening my embodiment practice to access higher states of awareness that would be needed, for myself and humanity, in the years to come.

And so, I surrendered and entered into a sacred incubation period of deep receiving and trust, knowing that on the other side would emerge an entirely new being. I was moving through another metamorphosis stage of my soul’s evolutionary journey, nourishing my sacred medicine and preparing for the grande rebirth of my authentic self.