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Cherie Aimée has been featured across a variety of online magazine publications, radio and podcast shows ranging from Beautiful Humans,, Forbes, Inc Magazine and Nasdaq.

She has been interviewed alongside some of the biggest names in personal and business development, such as Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Robert Kiyosaki.

She is co-author of the book God's Fingerprints: Impressions of Near Death Experiences.

Amazing Things: Cherie's Medical Story

She was unconscious, and she developed multiple complications,” recalls Dr. Yoshifumi Naka, director of the Cardiac Transplantation Program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia, who, with Dr. Hiroo Takayama, director of the Aortic Surgery Program, treated Cherie.

"She almost died a million times.”

Cherie remained on life support at the hospital and was put into a medically induced coma for several weeks.

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8 Lessons of the Afterlife from a Near-Death Survivor

The moment Cherie left her body, she said she felt surprised how easy it was. In her words, the process was as simple as walking through a doorway. It was easy, painless and instantly she felt like she had nothing to fear.

In fact, years of conditioning around being afraid or fearful of death melted away, and she reported feeling light, free and completely blissed out.

For Cherie, after she crossed over she saw herself in this ball of white light which felt comfortable, loving and very safe. She felt herself floating around in this ball of white light feeling formless and connected to everything.

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The Holy Trinity of Science-Spirit-Wisdom

Listen to a fascinating discussion between Cherie Aimée and Ivonne Delaflor, host of the Spirituality Now Podcast regarding life as we know it. Cherie shares part of her journey growing up with a love of science fiction, ancient history, art and philosophy.

Her childhood curiosity and passions were taken to new heights after her near-death experience in 2010. She has since begun to understand that there is one core question we must each ask ourselves, along our journey of awakening to the truth of who we are.

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Dead for 90 Minutes With Medical Miracle, Cherie Aimée

What would you change if you knew that you were eternal? Cherie Aimée died in her husband’s arms and doctors couldn’t resuscitate her for over 90 minutes. She had a .000001% chance of survival.

“There was this voice in my head. Something telling me that I was going to die.” – Cherie Aimée

A powerful 2-part podcast episode featuring Cherie Aimée's world renowned near-death experience. Hosted by Zach Luz, Guided's podcast feature takes a deep dive into Cherie's extraordinary afterlife journey the day she died.

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Standing True To Your Soul

Today the inspiring Cherie Aimée, a near-death survivor, heart transplant recipient and global tech leader shares her story of flat lining for 90 minutes and how she completely rebuilt her life after she lost everything. She went from not being able to walk to kick starting a global leadership platform that takes her around the world inspiring others.

Rising Higher Podcast is hosted by Stephanie Kwong Rapid Transformational Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist EP45

Cherie discusses everything from bouncing back from tragedy, to clearing away the recurring issues of our lives, to overcoming our conditioning in order to finally achieve everything we want. She details all the things she learned when she went to the other side. Cherie is here to help you learn how to tap into your inner faith and belief and to cultivate awareness, forgiveness and acceptance for true alignment and peace. Trust me, it’s a journey you’ll want to take!

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Uncovering Your True Purpose During A Time of Great Uncertainty

The world as we once knew it is collapsing, and with that collapse comes an opportunity for something new to be birthed within you.

Cherie Aimée and Ruby Fremon, host of Potent Truth, for a conversation that will open your eyes to the possibility found within the chaos we are experiencing in our society.

Ruby Fremon is the host of the powerful podcast, Potent Truth. EP 237

Tune in and learn why as leaders right now, we must choose to live in the uncertainty instead of clinging onto what’s ‘comfortable,’ how the business that you built may have been built from your trauma and how that gets to shift, why healing your trauma is crucial to reach the next evolution of your leadership, the importance of understanding who you are beneath the branding and the masks, why you may feel like you’re in the midst of an identity crisis and how to embrace it, and what it truly means to wake up during these times.

If you’ve been experiencing the dissonance between who you once were and who you are becoming, you will definitely find this episode helpful and it may just provide you with the hope that you’ve been searching for to support you through this massive transition that is taking place both in your external and internal worlds.

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