What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Cherie Aimée has touched the lives of millions of humans around the world. Here is what many are saying.

"I'm so glad you're doing well, Cherie. You look amazing. And thank you for telling your story." Megyn Kelly, TV Media Journalist

"I know Cherie's story personally. It took a series of miracles just to get her to be sitting next to me. Glad you're doing well, Cherie. Thanks for sharing your story." Dr. Mehmet Oz, TV Media Host

"Stunningly transcendent NDE [Near-Death Experience] due to a very prolonged cardiac arrest." Dr. Jeffrey Long, Near-Death Expert

"As a Veteran I recognize integrity, honor, bravery, honesty and commitment, and Cherie Aimée is a master at all of these values.  She can keep you engaged, joyful, and yet without fluff, or empty complements.  She helped this Veteran Entrepreneur focus on strengths, branding, and target down my passions for long term Success.  She is a true leader, coach, and I feel blessed to call her friend" —Ron Suzuki, Owner | White Box Media

“I’ve been so inspired by watching your journey with what you went through. You are a powerhouse. You have been an influencer and a leader in the tech space and even blockchain, amongst others, and you so generously and authentically share yourself and your story with people to really support them in rising up.” —Stephanie Kwong, Rapid Transformational Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Host of The Rise Higher Podcast | EP45

“Cherie is doing amazing work finding and connecting people with PPE to hospitals to get them what they need. She is a true humanitarian and an inspiration!” –Katrin de Haën, Cofounder of The Fourth Floor

“Your wisdom is like a guiding beacon. I love how you always make the best of every situation and direct people back to the grounding of who they are; honoring their gifts and being true to themselves. That is the ultimate success.” –Jill W.

“My whole body scanned itself with life and healing. Each one of my cells felt literally like roses blooming, all at the same time through out the session. So peaceful, beautiful and powerful! Forever grateful to you!” –Alexandra

"Thank you for your Masterclass today. You are wonderful! I enjoyed your thoughts... and yes, we are humans trying to navigate a world that’s been flipped upside down over night. I also watched your Beyond the Veil Summit talk and wrote down notes from your talk. I simply wanted to say thank you for your time and your teachings. I’ve been greatly inspired by you over the years. In fact your NDE is one of the more remarkable I’ve heard. You are a bright light on many levels." – Leesa A.

“Thank YOU for a super time! You are as always totally remarkable. Was great to spent some time with you. Sending you tons of positive vibes from across the pond!!”

“Thank you Cherie! I have already learned so much from you and don't want to miss anything. You have helped me to finally start figuring myself out! You are so right. Loving support is everything! I didn't even believe that it existed without judgement along with it. That by itself is enough to make major changes in our lives!" –Jeri L.

"This message so opened my heart and mind. I am so grateful. Surrounding myself with positive and amazing people is the way to go each and every day." –Renee

"My call with Cherie was amazing. A good friend just passed on and I had questions about the Afterlife. Cherie offers an incredible perspective about the Afterlife, from her own near death experience, and about energy and how we connect so deeply with others, even if they are not visible to us physically anymore. I feel so grateful for speaking with Cherie and her warm sounding voice so full of compassion and understanding. It's rare to find someone you can speak with on these topics. I feel calmer having spoken with Cherie and I highly recommend sessions with her!" –Dana S.

"I loved [the guide], I think you're a genius in writing and amazing at not only writing in general, but being able to execute things all while compromised!"